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Jeanah Hong joins Partners For Conservation

Partners for Conservation would like to welcome Jeanah Hong to the team, coming from across the Atlantic: New York City.
When Jeanah was at university, half of her studies focused on primatology and human evolution, and it was there that she fell in love with Africa and all that it has to offer. Fast forward to where she is in her career; she has built many years of science teaching and STEAM (Sciences Technology Engineering Arts Math) integration on top of having a business degree and owned her own business. It is during her business school experience that she took a weekend trip to Kigali, in the middle of a three and a half week stay in Kampala focused on a clean energy project in 2009 that Jeanah knew that she would return to Rwanda at a later time because she wanted to work with and have an impact on local communities there. She is passionate about addressing climate change and justice while taking action of her own, to promote conservation and biodiversity.

As a woman working in science and education, she has built a strong feminist identity where she believes female empowerment is necessary in any community, in any part of the world.

This year, Jeanah found it was a good time to spend her summer doing the things she is most passionate about and looked for somewhere that she could best lend her skills. It is in this recent pursuit that she found the opportunity to volunteer with Partners for Conservation in Rwanda, who is providing this exact opportunity that she was looking for, in the most authentic way possible; a great reason to return to Rwanda!.

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