It’ with immense joy that Partners For Conservation is announcing the arrival of Yoshimi NAKAMURA. Yoshimi Nakamura, is a senior College Student, who flew from far from http://Sōka University in “the Land of the Rising Sun” to the “Great lakes Region” precisely in Rwanda for a two weeks volunteering opportunity. Upon her arrival, she delivered her first impression in an interview with notrebio.org:

On the reason why she preferred Partners For Conservation:

First of all, while searching for volunteering destination, I was looking for destination that could offer me opportunity and chance to be involved in a day to day interaction and discussion between beneficiaries and implementing team for programmes aiming at improving the living conditions of community members in rural areas. When I came across various opportunities offered by Partners For Conservation, I realized it was an ideal working environment never to miss. This follows that stepping in for my “role model dad” who has over twenty-three years working in developing countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and China, has always been my dream since my childhood. I have always dreamt to be part of these kind of initiatives targeting the reduction of the socio-economic injustice henceforth this was a unique opportunity for me to contribute to the betterment of all society members including farmers to businessman, educated to illiterate people, researchers and students all with different background or life style.

Secondly, in the past, I had opportunities to do my undergraduate in communication and a one-year study abroad in Philippines and Malasyia whereby I acquired knowledge and skills in terms of communication, peace building and business contests which have been instrumental when I was volunteering for Rohingya refugee and AIDS afflicted people. Volunteering with Partners For Conservation, is an opportunity for me to share this experience.

Last by not least, this will be an opportunity for me to learn from local community members about their ways of living which; will for sure broaden my horizons.

On the reason why she would like to be part of the field activities:

I think everyone would be attracted by the fact that Partners For Conservation believes in innate capabilities of every human being and considers everyone as a partner.  This is unique and ideal working environment. I immediately realized that I was coming here to be part of this inclusive process from brainstorming, planning, intervention and accountability. I loved that interactive working environment.

On her expectation to work with local NGO such as the Partners For Conservation

I applied as Administration Assistant, therefore my first expectation is to be able to use my knowledge, skills and experience to help Partners For Conservation as much as I can in that area. My second expectation is to be able to raise awareness of beneficiaries in the areas of economy and financial literature. My last expectation, is that Partners For Conservation is going to provide me with opportunity to interact with different stakeholders.

On her expectation over her involvement in the field work:

I can’t wait to meet local community members. In fact, I was used to people from the East Asia. It’s my first time to meet African people (particularly Rwandese) on African soil. I can’t wait to interact to learn from each other

Yoshimi NAKAMURA (credit: PFC)

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