Partners For Conservation kicks off 2020 in a style!

Partners For Conservation kicks off 2020 in a style!

This happened exactly when we received for the 1st time three volunteers. Mr Benoit Dallemagne and his wife Mari Nobels from Belgium joined Partners For Conservation for a three weeks volunteering. They arrived on January 5th; 2020, one day after Dr Marcel Wächter, from German had joined us for the same period.  This is the 1st time in our history that we receive three volunteers from different countries at a same period. It is also the 1st time we host graduates and professional volunteers. All of this triggers positive feelings towards interesting three weeks of colorful experience with them.

In his welcome remark, Emmanuel BUGINGO, our Executive Director stated that everyone at Partners For Conservation was delighted to have a such trio in our group. “ Everyone is looking forward to learning both from your individual experience  and collective inputs towards improved and quality resources to better serve our beneficiaries”, he reiterated.

On behalf of Dallemagne’s family, Mr Benoit Dallemagne revealed that although him and his wife had been looking for elsewhere in Africa to go for festive holidays, they were mostly motivated by going somewhere they could use their experience to help a small but ambitious organisation. “We were lucky to find you on the platform and now we’re here at Partners For Conservation, we can’t extremely excited to work with you”, he insisted. He concluded his note by stating that although, in the first time they were hesitating about how his personal experience in tourism and events management as well as Marie’s experience in teaching could be useful to Partners For Conservation’s work, they believe their decision was a right one considering PFC’s approach towards socio-economy that sustain a biodiversity legacy. Of course this is windfall for us at Partners For Conservation as we believe that tourism can generate incomes to support our field interventions.

For Marcel Wächter, he believes that volunteering for Partners For Conservation was the best choice as someone who is looking for experiencing Africa for his 1st time.

Are you looking for a place to spend your holidays while contributing to the safeguarding of biodiversity legacy through socio-economic and development projects? Partners For Conservation is far your best choice.

Emmanuel BUGINGO

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