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Get involved


If you want to join our fight for a biodiversity legacy, you can become a member or a patron of our work. You will help us to promote our work, and contribute to our daily work.
As member you have the possibility to support our work long-term. We will provide you with news about the projects and the impact your contribution has. For further information please contact


Partners For Conservation believes in the innate capability of every human being to promote, protect and conserve biodiversity. Therefore, everyone is a partner. This logic creates a harmonious feeling for both sides (donor and beneficiary) and facilitates a feeling of ownership, as well. To do so, Partners For Conservation puts the beneficiary (referred to as a partner to acknowledge his/her contribution) in the centre of our intervention. Once this partner is given the opportunity to express the needs of the community based on their existing priorities, a proposal that meets the community needs/goals can be developed. At Partners For Conservation, you can volunteer, research, donate, fund-raise, or partner with us to design or manage your biodiversity related project. All these qualities both innate and gifted give you a privilege to be called a Partner in promotion, protection and
conservation of our biodiversity.
Find here more information about the different opportunities to support/be involved in our work:

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Are you a student looking for a conservation placement? Are you interested in scientific tourism? Do you want to study conservation in Rwanda while travelling? Are you looking for an organisation that can connect you with the right conservation organisations and manage the logistics of your trip? Are you looking for a meaningful travel experience that can have a sustainable impact on a community in Rwanda? -Then, take your chance and choose one of the numerous opportunities offered by Partners For Conservation How can you get involved?
How can you get involved?
Partners For Conservation offers many opportunities for people looking for an African experience. These include internship-tourism, voluntourism and scientific tourism. From day one, until the last day of your adventure, we can organise and manage your volunteering, internship or scientific tourism experience.
Our programmes are designed to meet both your and conservation needs. The placement starts with introduction to the local language. The cultural immersion program gives an understanding of local life and culture, and more. Show your support for conservation / develop your scientific skills by working with
environmental management institutions and grassroots organisations that work hand-in-hand with disadvantaged and marginalised people, children, women and ex-hunters. We focus on conservation, poverty alleviation and socio-economic integration projects. Issues we address through our programs are: environment and climate change, conservation, tourism development, ending poverty, Public Health, gender, water and hygiene. These are addressed through: research, monitoring, education, infrastructure,
capacity building, language and ICT training, proposal writing and fundraising, advocacy and lobbying.
As we believe in the innate capability of every human being to promote, protect and conserve biodiversity, Partners For Conservation offers internships and volunteering
programmes to give young people the possibility to gain new experiences in the area of conservation. All students and independent researchers, both Rwandan and international, are mostly welcome to apply.
We require from all interns and volunteers a recommendation letter from the institution(students) or commitment letter (independent researchers), a sponsorship letter and/or source of funding and an Internship/research project proposal. Partners For Conservation provides facilities and support to its international, successful applicants at a cost-effective price. 15% of your total fees go directly to the community through poverty alleviation, education, health and social projects. Our support includes but is
not limited to: processing of visa or work / research permit, accommodation and meals, airport pick up, in-country orientation and supervision, transport in field, internet, local guide and translator, around the clock emergency support, Certificate of Appreciation/Completion, organising workshops for the presentation of findings and research results. Objectively our opportunities aim the capacity building (theory to practice, learning through performance and strengthen competencies), gaining valuable experience and increasing marketability after internship, building expertise (learn more about the subject studied and develop an expertise at a higher level than in a classroom), developing professionalism, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills and contributing to data collection and information sharing in the area of placements
How this does approach work?
Partners For Conservation philosophy reflects the philosophy of Matt Fenton, CEO of Inspired Escapes, who suggests that adventure expeditions be used to drive lasting social change right here in the local communities; that we can connect travellers directly with their host communities, not only to witness firsthand their impact but to expand and broaden the entire travel experience into one that is truly transformative.
This combines internship and tourism. It is an opportunity to develop in your chosen field of interest and gain practical experience while enjoying your holidays. And interact with the wide family of conservation stakeholders in Rwanda through field excursions, meetings and events. This programme is open to all students, local and international. Internship allows students to gain invaluable hands on work experience and eases the transition between educational programs and workforce. Interns are placed in programmes
related to their areas of study for a period not exceeding 6 months.
Voluntourism integrates volunteering and tourism. Enjoy Rwanda while responding to the needs of underprivileged and underserved communities. Partners For Conservation offers a space to interact with cultures and environment while working for their preservation. We place you where your talents can make most impact. This programme is open to all students, local and international. Volunteer work contributes to satisfying the needs of local communities. As a volunteer at PFC you can provide love, affection, education and support to a disadvantaged population including children, women and marginalized people. You will help to improve the socio-economic integration of this group of people, work in community development and poverty alleviation of poor people, and in the protection and conservation of the fauna and flora of Rwanda. You will also be involved in education and inter-cultural exchange and
understanding among African communities. Scientific Tourism Contribute to the conservation of fauna and flora through research, education and
information collection and sharing. The programme is designed to increase the knowledge about our ecosystem, improve understanding of the long-term viability and conservation values for adaptive ecosystem management.
This programme is open to local and international students, universities and research institutions.
Feeling interested? Please fill the application form and send it to us on Should you need further information, contact us on
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I spent the summer of 2016 in Rwanda where I had
the opportunity to travel all over the beautiful and
intricate country. I had the privilege to volunteer and
work with Partners for Conservation, where I spent a
significant amount of my time in Musanze, a district
in the North struggling with malnutrition and the
consequences of historical and ongoing
marginalization. Through my time spent with
Partners for Conservation, I learned about mal- and
undernutrition, as well as sustainable, cost-effective
and culturally sensitive best practices. I am very
impressed with the organization, its team, and am
honored to have had the opportunity to support

Brianna Wolfe

I was in Rwanda the summer of 2016 for two months working for partners for                               
conservation. Partners for conservation was an enriching expierence that taught me about public health, and has helped me further my education by being out in the field. Being able to connect with people on the ground level really made this expierence one to remember.